Rifles, Cartridges, and Shooting Strategies
for Varmints and Game

Book Reviews

Illustrations by noted wildlife artist, Sharon Davis

"Roy knows his way around rifles and optics and everything else related to hunting, and is an exceptional writer. This will be a welcome addition to any shooter's library."
John Anderson,
Editor-in-Chief, The Varmint Hunter Magazine
"Rifle Shots is very well-written in an understandable and engaging style, full of useful information whether you are shooting a modern centerfire or black-powder cartridge rifle. Roy's writing is heavy on the practical 'work in the field' aspects of precision marksmanship. Of special interest were his chapters on long range shot placement, setting up a squirrel rifle and using game targets for pre-season practice. Mr. Welch is definitely a rifleman and his book is a valuable reference for others who are interested in more than just pulling triggers."
The Black Powder Cartridge News Book Review
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