Rifles, Cartridges, and Shooting Strategies
for Varmints and Game

Book Chapters

Illustrations by noted wildlife artist, Sharon Davis


Part I - Varmint Rifles, Cartridges, and Shooting Strategies
Chapter 1 Evolution of a Fifth Generation Varmint Rifle
Chapter 2 Factory Varmint Rifle/Cartridge Performance
Chapter 3 Varmint Rifle Accuracy Versus Target Size and Distance
Chapter 4 Extending the Range of the .22-250 Remington and
                .220 Swift Varmint Rifles
Chapter 5 The .22XC: A Modern .220 Swift
Chapter 6 The .223 Remington: Bolt Versus AR-15 Varmint Rifles
Chapter 7 Trajectory Compensation and Rangefinding with Duplex-
                 Type Reticles
Chapter 8 Field Experiences with Leupold Mil Dot and Varmint 
                 Hunter’s Reticles and an E.R. Shaw  Mark VII Varmint 
Chapter 9 Practical Sighting Strategies for Prairie Dogs
Chapter 10 In the Field with Varmint Grenades
Chapter 11 Lead–Free Bullets and the Varmint Hunter
Chapter 12 Running Target Leads

Part II - Strategies for Shots at Small and Big Game
Chapter 13 Tuning Your Squirrel Rifle
Chapter 14 What You Should Know About Deer Rifles
Chapter 15 Game Targets: A Key to Improving Hunter  
Chapter 16 Long-Range Shot Placement: The Accuracy Factor

Appendix A Statistics for the Rifle Shooter
Appendix B Ballistics Software
Appendix C Wind Deflection


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"Roy knows his way around rifles and optics and everything else related to hunting, and is an exceptional writer. This will be a welcome addition to any shooter's library."
John Anderson,
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