Marksmanship on the range or in the field requires a stable position, an accurate rifle/cartridge combination suitable for the task at hand, sight settings appropriate for the target size and distance, a basic understanding of ballistics, and an ability to compensate for wind deflection.

Rifle Shots addresses these topics as they apply to hunting varmints and  game. Strategies for improving accuracy and increasing the chances for exact shot placement are presented.

Rifles, Cartridges, and Shooting Strategies
for Varmints and Game

About the Author
Roy Welch has been involved with the shooting sports for more than 50 years, participating in smallbore, highpower, running game target, metallic silhouette, cowboy lever action and long-range rifle competitions, and has hunted varmints and game throughout the United States. He is a frequent contributor to The Varmint Hunter Magazine, Fur-Fish-Game, Whitetales, and other publications.

A new book on maximizing
shooting accuracy

Illustrations by noted wildlife artist, Sharon Davis
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